Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild


The annual Joint Guilds Textile Exhibition is held during the summer in the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra. This shows work from the Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild, the Northern Ireland Embroidery Guild, the Lace Guild, the Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guild and the Machine Knitting Guild.

As a Guild we had talked about making this quilt since the summer of 1982. I was Chairman during this time and after much persuasion at almost evry Guild Meeting we obtained the required number of squares in varying shades of brown - each square was entirely different, some made by machine and some hand stitched. After some slight adjustments to various squares it was possible to join them with strips of plain brown fabric. We set aside the week of 12-19 November to complete the quilt top. After putting it onto a large frame several patient members set out to quilt it as in the olden days. We had to use stab stitches as this was the only method possible. The members who made this quilt have good reason to be proud of their efforts. The Guild has a set of slides on the making of this quilt. In June 2003 this quilt was handed over to the Quilt Collection of the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.

This is a group quilt, made by members of the Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild for themselves. It was designed by Jane Lloyd, with the Guild logo in the middle. The logo was also designed by Jane as part of a competition to choose a design for a badge. A group of friends cut up all the material and divided it up. The basket block and border pieces were drawn on graph paper - this was cut up and used as the paper templates. The fabric and graph paper were put into bags, some contained baskets, others contained borders. People could choose what they wanted to sew. It was hand pieced from red and white polycottons. Another group put the pieced top, wadding and backing together and it was then hand quilted. This quilt is featured on the cover of 10 Years On (see Guild History) a 36 page colour booklet published to celebrate the Guild's 10th birthday.